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The Boab 10 Footer

$ 1,599.00 AUD

Our 10 Boab series is for all members of the family


 Our 10 Boab is for all members of the family, from the flat water glide with the kids and dog on the front, to all around cruising, learning the basics and riding waves.
With effortless trim and stability and dynamic turning abilities in the waves, this board is a fantastic all rounder designed for everyone. (Love this board). Riders - 50kg to110kg

10'5 x 34 x 189L
10'5 x 34 x 200L

10 x 32 x 171L
10 x 32 x 162L

Customise my own board




Key Features

EPS M grade Foam

x 2 Full layers of 6oz top and bottom, with 4 inch Rail over lap, giving a total of 4 laps of glass around the rail for extra strenght.

x 1 Full layer of 4 oz nose to tail 

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